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Sell on Location at High Foot-Traffic Retailers in Your Area
The Elevance Health Retail Program is proven to be an effective and safe program for Agents to discuss Medicare health plan options available in their local areas.
  • Interact directly with Medicare beneficiaries in high-traffic retail environments.
  • Leverage direct mail and print advertising to maximize exposure at their retail location.
  • Order brand kits to improve your visibility and trust.
  • Manage your Assigned Stores and submit your Schedule Request.
  • Track your Sales and Leads.
Program participation requires approval.

You must be an approved agent to participate.

Agents should complete the Registration form.

Once Approved you will be able to choose your stores and schedule, as well as order a New Agent Kit containing helpful branded marketing materials to increase trust with prospective clients.

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Our Agents Love the Elevance Health Retail Program …
The Anthem Retail Program helped me reach my local community and generated high quality leads. 
— Joseph Baker
As we are always trying to increase our client base, it is vital to our business to participate in the Retail program through Anthem. The best advice I can give to other brokers in the Anthem Retail program is the more people you get to talk to the better success you will have. Out of two stores, in a weeks time, we had 10 shifts at one store and 6 at the other working double shifts all during the AEP Monday through Thursday. Having a sign up with our phone numbers and hours helped. When we weren't there, we always had our company brochure and business cards on the Anthem table. I look forward to partnering with Anthem and the Retail Program again next AEP!
— Chris and Judy Curtis

The Anthem Retail Program has provided me with a very simple platform that made me able to share the Anthem-Medicare Plan at my local Ralphs Market here in Torrance, Ca .

This opportunity has allowed me to introduce myself to my local community, friends, and families. I’ve also been able to form a great relationship with the store managers and pharmacist.

While doing the Anthem Retail Program it has allowed me to meet many people and plant many seeds for my future.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to serve my community. I would like to thank Keith Notgrass for all his help he has provided to me.

He is truly amazing at what he does. He also gives great advice on how to market yourself and is always there to answer any my of question that I might have.

So thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.


Rachael Boyd

Medicare Broker

Health Choice

— Rachael Boyd


I have been doing the Walmart Retail Program from the beginning of Medicare Advantage. I started doing the Anthem Retail Program in the last several years. Both programs have been producing a great deal of business, however the Anthem program is the most user friendly and most productive. If it wasn't for you and Anthem I would not be as successful as I am.

Nothing, as far as I'm concerned takes the place of a face to face meeting when it comes to Medicare questions. With the environment that we are currently in I believe that it would be best to incorporate a link or message to the online shoppers, letting them know that agents are in the store and can conduct contactless appointments, virtual meetings or phone conversations to help them with their questions.

Again I would like to thank Anthem and the Retail program for all their help and work.

Jim Spalding

Certified Medicare Planning Adviser
President & Co-Founder
Medicare Planning of Dayton

— Jim Spalding

First of all, I am still writing business from sales and clients gained I in my store.

As a new broker, I was struggling going into last AEP but the Kroger store experience solidified my business! I wrote over 35 cases and through talking to hundreds of customers at the store I also learned a lot about Medicare, Medicaid and peoples needs which greatly increased my confidence.

I also made it a point to connect with the front end employees working near my table which enriched the time I spent at the store and actually added sales because employees helped me from time to time: I had two young employees call me over one day when I came into the store to tell me they had given my card to “…two ladies who want to talk to you!,” explaining that they saw them drop a card in the box on my table so they also gave them one of my business cards. That was great.

— Tom Reynolds